Gostelow Report

Vacationing in space could become a reality in just three years.

On Tuesday, Orbital Assembly Corp. announced plans for two space stations with tourist accommodations. Pioneer Station, which can host 28 people, is set to be operational by 2025, while the larger Voyager Station, which was originally announced in 2021 with a capacity of 400 people, is scheduled to open in 2027.

"For the average person, being in space will be a sci-fi dream experience," says Tim Alatorre, Chief Operating Officer for Orbital Assembly Corp (OAC), said in a press release.

"Our vision is to make space a destination people will yearn to visit, with familiar elements provided by the presence of gravity," he added.

OAC is creating the world's first hybrid space stations for both work and play.

They will feature artificial gravity which will allow guests to move around as they normally would, rather than in a weightless environment. The technology is not currently available on space stations, according to the release.